Chris Rankin

Husband; Father; Multiple Ironman Finisher;
USMS Level 2 Certified Coach;







I have a solid foundation as an athlete. Racing for over 6 years at all distances from 5k’s to Ironman’s, I have learned a

lot about the do’s and don’ts in racing. I do not base my coaching philosophy or style after any one person or idea. I

use the common sense approach using thoughts and ideas from all appropriate sources. I believe that strong

communication between coach and athlete is the foundation for success. I’m always open to new ideas and to talk

them out. I also believes that many aspects of your life impact performance, including job, family, sleeping habits and

nutrition. My goal will be to help you in your journey, keeping you consistent in your training and to stay injury free. I

want to help you as an athletes get fit and faster, and develop confidence in your abilities.I want to see you succeed in

your training, knowing that it will help you in every aspect of your life. I believe that CONSISTENCY is the key word in

all of this. If you stay consistent we will make you a better athlete and improve your performance. I look forward to

meeting you and listening to your story to see how i can help you achieve what it is your looking to obtain.

I am a USMS Level 2 Certified Coach. Currently working on further certificates related to Coaching Triathletes to



Chris’s race results.


Personal Athletic Achievements:

– Ironman AWA Gold Athlete

– Boston Marathon Qualifier

– Multiple Ironman and Half Ironman Finisher