A few comments from some Vitality Multisport athletes

Richard Hunter, visually impaired triathlete

Once I decided to set Ironman as a goal, I sought out Jon for coaching support. I had a history of injuring myself training for running events, and I never knew if I was running too much or too hard. All I knew was that the cookie cutter programs I found on-line were not for me; I needed a tailor made program which would take my fitness level, strengths, and growth areas into consideration. Also, I had grown bored of doing the same things over and over again.

Jon was introduced to me by a mutual friend who was having great success with his model. Jon’s clients were setting personal bests and taking their performance to new levels. I also knew that Jon was a student of the sport, had shown amazing improvement in his own athletic journey, and had a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering. In spite of all of his success, Jon’s attentiveness, caring attitude, and humble nature appealed to me.

Jon has far exceeded my expectations. Not only are his plans dialed in exactly to my goals and life balance, he has spent a ton of time changing the way I think about training. He has welcomed questions, and his philosophy has resulted in tangible progress on my end. I’ve learned to take it down a notch, yet reap the rewards of faster times. My mental game has improved greatly, and I’ve come to learn the importance of focusing on process. Since triathlon training often requires a lot of individual time training, his words of encouragement and redirection are with me always when I’m out there doing my thing. The accountability has helped greatly, because Coach Jon communicates with me very frequently through e-mail and phone appointments when needed. When I was ready to give up my Ironman training in the midst of ongoing physical therapy, his encouragement to “take things one day at a time” honestly got me to the start line of Ironman Florida. I was able to execute our plan perfectly, and I became the 2nd visually impaired triathlete to finish an Ironman in under 12 hours.

On a personal note, Jon is a super nice guy who takes a very sincere interest in his clients. He even volunteered to guide me in a triathlon by tethering with me in the swim, riding a tandem, and calling out obstacles during the run. He has his family’s support and even his wife has guided visually impaired runners.

On-line, distance coaching absolutely works, especially if Coach Jon is working with you!

I’m honored to have Jon as my coach.

-Richard Hunter

Justin Waller

Since I started working with Jon, the results speak for themselves:

  • Half Marathon PR improved by more than 11 minutes
  • Marathon PR improved by more than 33 minutes
  • Functional Threshold Power increased by 20%
  • Jon is positive, professional and personable.

Jon is positive, professional and personable.
He has helped me improve far beyond what I could have done without his guidance.
I have never been more excited about an upcoming racing season.

-Justin Waller, 3x Ironman

Rebecca Reichardt

I began training for triathlons as a goal oriented way of losing weight. After a year and a half I achieved my weight loss, however, my performance was not where I wanted it. I love the sport & enjoy reading about it I researched the building of a training plan heavily & have read nearly every book on the market for running, biking, swimming & training, plus countless articles. I found myself with an over abundance of information but no cohesive plan on how to apply it! I knew I needed a coaches help, I was overwhelmed & would constantly be second guessing myself.

Jon was recommended to me by a fellow Sac Tri Club member, and I liked what I read on his website. I felt even more confident because of his engineering background – I needed an analytical mind & problem solver to balance out my chaotic training habits & ever changing work schedule.

I have worked with Jon for nearly a year now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. My results have improved across the board in swimming, biking & running – at sprint, Olympic & HIM distances. I have set a personal best at every event I have done this year (eight so far), shaving 25 minutes off of my Olympic time from last year. My HIM performances have also made huge improvements, including a 40 minute PR at Vineman 70.3 this year! And I know there is more to come as we are just getting started!

Working with Jon I feel confident that I am on the path to achieving my goals. He stays up to date with training philosophies & trends, is tough when he needs to be, makes adjustments when I need more rest & does not use a cookie cutter plan approach. I am proud to have Jon as my coach.

-Rebecca Reichardt