My Nutrition Zone

Sheila Leard, RD, CSSD, CPT

Registered Dietitian
Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Certified Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coaching Initial Consult

For general nutritional guidance on everyday eating.

  • Goal setting to implement lifestyle changes.
  • Evaluation of current exercise and eating behaviors.
  • Assessment of all supplements, medications, and laboratory values
  • Discuss any relevant medical conditions, i.e., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension
  • Evaluate exercise routines and heart zone training
  • Establish appropriate levels for protein, carbohydrate and fat
  • Daily eating guidance through online journaling for 2 weeks

Sports Nutrition Coaching for Racing

Athletes who need a comprehensive fueling plan for training in addition to guidance on daily diet will benefit from committing to ongoing nutrition coaching. It doesn’t matter what level of competition you are at; you need to know exactly what type of fuel fits your needs in training and on race day.

  • Initial Sports Nutrition Consult- 90 minutes: Includes all of the above services as well as creating a nutrition plan for training long or intense workouts. Define which sports nutrition products and electrolytes you need for your race. This first meeting should be three to four months before race day.
  • Three follow up consults to review progress. Review race day nutrition plan – needs to be specific and practiced. Calculate sweat rate. Review sports nutrition products regimen

Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss Package

If you want to loose the weight, take the time to create a process.The goal is to help you create new habits and learn how to plan your day to achieve weight loss. Weight loss is behavior change.

  • Initial nutrition consult as described above
  • Six follow up meetings
  • Continuous assessment with an on-line food journaling.